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The correct approach for hiring the right candidate by EJ Dalius


Years of experience have helped Eric Dalius develop strategies that can help you get the right candidate to include in your team. Many successful entrepreneurs have followed the policy of “trial and also error” to help you look beyond the candidates’ fabricated resumes. To get a bunch of creative and also efficient members for your company, you have to look beyond the candidate’s scripted resumes.

Eric J Dalius advocates some business tactics for growth

The three effective tactics that can help you hire the right candidate for your financial business are:

  • Go creative – Instead of asking usual interview questions; try to come up with new items that can help you understand what a person thinks.
  • Take help from existing employees – The candidate you will be hiring will be working with the other employees. Therefore you must undertake their opinion on this matter. It will help to create a work environment necessary for the growth of your business.
  • Draft challenging situations – Try to put the candidate in challenging circumstances to test their reasoning abilities. It would help you to bring them out from behind the desk to understand their behavioural patterns.

The candidates you hire should have certain essential qualities, like taking an interest in the organization’s work. Secondly, they should treat all members as equals irrespective of their position. You can even take them out for a business conference before hiring to understand how they interact with others. It can let you evaluate the personality and also judge their behaviour in an actual business environment.

Some interview questions to ask

  • Ask questions about a person’s natural strength, which is not related to their professional skill or ability.
  • What kind of animal would they prefer to be, and also why? It might appear to be silly, but it is an essential question in a job interview. Asking candidates these questions will help to understand what animal they choose and the reason for the choice. It will give you valuable insights into the personality and also whether they are proper for the job. You will encounter some surprising answers, but this will also help you comprehend their awareness level.
  • Qualities that you like in your parents can be another important question in the interview. Parents influence every person. Thus the qualities they idealize might be the qualities of the candidate in question.
  • Ask them about the wrong perceptions people have about the contender. Just making the questions tricky helps to realize how people perceive your candidate. In financial business, knowledge is significant. It will help you know how self-aware the candidate is and also their level of honesty. A self-aware candidate can grow faster, and it will also be very beneficial for a company to have such people in your team. On the other hand, not so self-aware contenders will find it harder to adapt and also go beyond them.

Asking candidates unusual Interview questions will help you get unrehearsed answers. It will give you a real insight into how a person would function in the financial market’s uncertain conditions.

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