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Home » How to keep the entrepreneurial drive alive during COVID-19? Useful tips by Eric J Dalius

How to keep the entrepreneurial drive alive during COVID-19? Useful tips by Eric J Dalius


No one thought that COVID-19 would become a gruesome reality of 2020. Business owners and also entrepreneurs believed that the effect would alleviate within a few weeks or months. But the unprecedented contamination rates and also deaths have brought life, business, and also economy to a standstill. Young entrepreneurs who started their business venture a few years back had ambitious goals for 2020. It is difficult to say whether they would be able to cater to all the business objectives this year. However, losing a heart is not a solution. Entrepreneurs need to move forward with hope and also a business continuity plan.

How does Eric J Dalius inspire entrepreneurs?

Business, market fluctuations, and also economic instabilities are typical. An entrepreneur should expect to witness such roadblocks, even if there’s no pandemic. Eric J Dalius, a leading entrepreneur shares inspiring ways in which entrepreneurs can stay motivated despite COVID-19 and also focus on evolving their business.

  1. It’s temporary

The majority of entrepreneurs are losing heart because they feel that the pandemic will be a permanent reality. The truth is, after a point, the world will be completely free of COVID0-19, and also things will get back to normalcy as we all knew before the pandemic attack. So, a fall in demand and also profits is a temporary experience. Entrepreneurs should know that with time their business will pick up. Later, the market will be more conducive for them to launch their new products and also make useful business connections.

2. There is work to do

The global pandemic has slowed the pace of work but has not stopped business altogether. Online sales are gaining importance because people are not moving out of their house until necessary. Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur? If yes, you might expect rapid sales for some of your popular products. Keep the revenue as business savings to navigate through the pandemic phase.

3. Update website content

Currently, most businesses have fewer activities on their planner. It’s a good time to fine-tune their website content. Does your website need a face-lift? If yes, then you can appoint an expert website designer to change the design template. Keep the brand name, logo, and also creative composition the same. If you change your business logo frequently, the audience might confuse you with another brand.  

Take time to review the website content and also tweak it as and also when necessary. Make sure that all your content is informative, authentic, and also easy to understand.

4. Increase social media engagement

One of the best ways to not let the pandemic hamper your brand visibility and also recall value is to connect with customers online. Social media communications and also engagements are the best way to get speaking with customers. Curate new posts for the followers and also customers that will grasp their attention. Focusing on your customers through social media interactions can help in online brand promotion and also increases your brand recall value.

The pace of business activities will be slow during the pandemic. That should not discourage entrepreneurs from stopping all brand communications and also online marketing initiatives. Instead, entrepreneurs should focus on other activities like website development and also online public relations to thrive during the pandemic.

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