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Entrepreneur Burnout – Tips by Eric Dalius to solve this


Most entrepreneurs have got it all wrong about burnout. They think that it’s because of working hard excessively. However, most founders need to work hard to establish their business in the beginning years. These entrepreneurs are their boss and also know that success in business will not come easy. So, what’s the real reason for entrepreneur burnouts?

Eric Dalius on employee burnouts

Eric Dalius, an entrepreneur, has useful guidelines on this topic. According to him, the cause of burnout is the inability to manage one’s emotions and tasks. Life as an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride. And also it can create emotional instabilities in entrepreneurs. Hence, it is essential to navigate one’s emotions and also arrive at a solution.

  • Be smart everyday

Entrepreneurs should not give their plan to others until they have set an intention for the day! It is the smartest way to start the day. When you look at texts, social media posts, and also open emails first thing in the morning, you have exposed yourself to external energy. You start to witness other’s opinions. The moment this happens, your mission and also concentration lapses.

Create a morning ritual that works only for you. For instance, start the day by reading a book or meditating or any activity that centers your energy and also helps you create an intention. Entrepreneurs should prioritize their purpose and also do what’s correct for them.

  • Energy follows thoughts

Anything that you will focus on will expand. Hence, if you concentrate on business tension or anxiety, you will find that magnifying than any other aspect of your business. Take time to fine-tune your focus and also deliberately concentrate on correct and also fruitful ideas for you.

One of the best tactics is to write what you want to accomplish for the day. It provides you with clarity. Also, writing your goals helps you focus your energies on attaining the purpose and also work with a sense of commitment. It prevents you from getting distracted and also urges you to complete your tasks on time. When that happens, you are no longer overwhelmed with things yet to achieve, saving you from burnout.  

  • No complaints or judgment

Comparing yourself with other business owners will not lessen the burnout. Instead, it will add to your anxiety and also increase the level of negative thoughts. And also that doesn’t help to focus on the bright and also enterprising aspects of your business. When your emotions move to a downward spiral, your mental fatigue, and also burnout increases.

  • You don’t need to analyze how

Most entrepreneurs are obsessed with the “how”! They want to know exactly how things will work out to be in peace. But that is something which will ruin all their peace and also calm and also raise the anxiety bar. What is the solution? The best way to stop worrying about “how” things will be done is to focus on the next best thing you can do for your business. It helps you think about the initiatives and also the actions you need to prioritize on. It helps you to ask the right questions and also arrive at better decisions.

These are a few tried and also tested tactics that can help entrepreneurs focus on the present moment and also avoid burnout.

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