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Eric Dalius on Best Money Apps for Couples

Eric Dalius

Managing your hard-earned money with your partner is one of the challenging aspects of any relationship. You would like to go for a vacation on a budget, but your spouse wants to spend extravagantly. Then, you would like to go for fine dining but your partner wants home-cooked food so that he can pay off his debts faster. Disagreement on these aspects leads to stress with your better half. This is where money apps for couples come into play.

According to an article published on, about 40 percent of US citizens fail to cover a sudden expense of $400, based on the findings of the Federal Reserve Board reports. Fortunately, these technology apps can help couples to manage their finances:

EJ Dalius talks about Grocery App

It is not possible to remember all the items you require for groceries. Moreover, monitoring and sharing of your family’s daily needs could be super stressful and exasperating. Forgetting things also have an impact on your budget because many studies indicate that when you do grocery shopping sans a list, you spend more on things you do not require.

The app can get rid of your shopping disappointment by letting all users in your family to synchronize and see one list of items that you need. Eric J Dalius suggests rather than taking a piece of paper and pen to write that you are running low on instant noodles, you can just note the same in this app, while your spouse can buy family packs of instant noodles at the departmental store near you. This way, there are no overlapping items, buying stuff that you do not need now, and things like that.


It is one of the apps to help couples co-manage finance so that they do not need to maintain multiple spreadsheets. The app will help couples to keep an eye on shared bills, view their accounts on a single platform, post comments on daily transactions, and create big financial goals.

The best feature of the app is its ability to let couples ascertain how much info they would like to share with their better half. The app helps couples to remain focused on their financial goals and not waste time in fights and arguments over trivial things.


It is a money-monitoring app for couples. All you need to do is enter the bank details and monitor your finances mutually and that too over different banks. You will receive an alert whenever your spouse makes any transaction, create a budget jointly, and work in collaboration to realize a common objective, all of this in the same app.

The app will help you to manage your finances jointly and save for future days. You will get to see the details of not just one bank but more of them if you have more than one account.


Although this is not a comprehensive list of money management apps for couples, the best ones are mentioned in this article. Use them with your partner to create a budget and live happily.

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