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The future is not bleak: EJDalius on future of business following COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst crises to have hit the modern world. Most of the nations, leading, developing no bar, are under the vice-like grip of businesses faltering and failing, social distancing, and a lack of general trade in every sphere and walk of life.


In such a scenario, most entrepreneurs and investors are worried and lost in thought regarding what comes next. One school of thought is to wait it out and let the pandemic tide over. Waiting for normalcy to resume means you will see little to no profit, and this, in turn, might spell doom for your venture.


So, according to an industry insider, EJ Dalius, here are a few well-chosen tips to strategize your marketing depending on the situation to tide over the problem in a better way.


Special offers are for times like these suggests Eric Dalius


This is an uncertain period for the entire world. Jobs have gone down, and unemployment is on the rise. Every day, a new nation is added to the list of the “facing-economic-downturn.” Strictly speaking business, it has always been about recognizing opportunities to make money. But now it is more about giving back to society. This is the time to create special offers and discounts so that your customer engagement remains top-notch. It will keep you afloat with a steady income stream solely through social media and advertising.


The importance of local SEO


According to Eric JDalius,local SEO has become all the more relevant in this day and age. It is all about social distancing, and commuting to and fro for essentials is a strict no. That is the main reason why most customers are looking for nearby locations to pick up food and other delivery items. Every search is getting tagged with a “near me” on Google. It is why local SEO, online reputation management, or ORM, along with various positive reviews, are the game changer when looking to launch a product or ad campaign.


Keep the business fluid along with the flow of information


It goes without saying that the situation is a fluid one, and developments are happening all around the world at the same time. It is why your venture must be fluid as well. For example, even though the restaurant business has taken a hit, eatery chains can still stay afloat by going for the delivery business. Yes, you will need to lay the groundwork for branching out, but in the long run, it will become beneficial for you as the world slowly returns to the state of normalcy.


Avoid panic moves


Panic and mass hysteria are two vices that should never affect you as an entrepreneur. Even if the people around you have fallen prey to mania, it is vital to keep your cool and analyze data before planning the next move. Knee jerk reactions seldom solve any crisis rather than worsen the condition.


Keep in mind that even if the economic growth slows down, there is no indication that it is stopping. People are still going to need products and services.


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