SPECIAL SUPER SATURDAY CONFERENCE CALL BLITZ for US Gold Index hosted by Network Marketing Leader Eric J Dalius.


Starting at 1pm Eastern Time, TODAY on Saturday, December 27th will be the first of 5 calls for the day! The remaining calls will be EACH HOUR ON THE HOUR. That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5pm EASTERN TIME! The dial in number is 213.226.0400 Code: 610594

Today is your day to jump start your US Gold Index business by simply inviting NEW people to each one of our LIVE CALLS!

Just let the people that you know that you just got involved with an opportunity that we can make money when the price of GOLD goes up with no downside loss, the company pays in GOLD, and we are at the TOP!

Eric J Dalius http://ej.usgoldindex.com OR http://ejdalius.com

P.S. How many people will you be inviting to the LIVE CALL BLITZ TODAY?

  1. Hello Eric,

    about Us Gold Index, when we purchase a gold coin every 2 months is it with gold credits or money from our pocket ?

    Do you know if the promotion 150$->100$ will continue at the beginning of january because of the no business day of december ?

    Thanks for your answer

    Best regards

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