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Eric J Dalius Finds NEW Gold Opportunity with US Gold Index

ImageEric J Dalius Finds NEW Golden Opportunity with US Gold Index

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PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 24, 2012 – Eric J Dalius Finds NEW Gold Opportunity with US Gold Index

The US Gold Index is opportunity that is global and timely.  Based on the experiences of Eric J Dalius this is something that is unique and a breakthrough in the marketplace since you can’t lose with the Gold Indexing concept.  The cost to get started is ONLY $150 with NO monthly fees.  Once you get started Eric J Dalius and his team is here to support you to help you accomplish your dreams.

Here are some Member Benefits;

As a customer, you can purchase a $150 gold membership which gives you access to essentially get gold at a discount. You will have the option with NO requirement, to purchase a 1oz American Eagle gold coin once every 2 months for a total of 3 gold coins and as a bonus reward you will receive the 4th one for FREE.

As a bonus, you will immediately receive $500 in GOLD CREDITS that can earn a GOLD INDEX bonus EACH business DAY compounded for a six month period when the price of gold goes UP! You can redeem your gold credits in increments of a 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin. If the price of gold goes up an average of just 2% a day over the next 6 months then that would be $10 a day, $50 a week, and over $1300 in just 6 months!

7 thoughts on “Eric J Dalius Finds NEW Gold Opportunity with US Gold Index”

  1. Hello

    I’m interested in US GOLD INDEX, I would like to be a leader in Europe…

    Here is what I understand of this business :

    when we put 150$ (100$ until 12/31) we have 500 gold credits.
    These credits are with a daily rate about 2% (depending on gold rate).
    These credits have a lifetime of 180 days.

    Here are some questions I have :
    – Do you have some documentations or tutorials for this business ? I already saw the video.
    – 150$ is to put one time or monthly ?
    – do we have an action to do to earn the daily commissions ? (put an ad for example)
    – for the affiliates, does it work with a binary tree with spill over ?
    – what are the commissions for a new affiliate ?
    – what are the conditions to withdraw cash ? Do we have a delay to withdraw ?
    – what are the solutions to withdraw (prepaid card, bank wire, …) ?

    Please can you answer thoses questions before I join this business ?

    I would like to be your direct referral agent, so could you give me your referring link ?

    Thanks in advance for your answers
    Best Regard
    God bless you

    1. Hi Axel,

      Thanks for your interest in the US Gold Index opportunity!

      Let me help you answer some of your questions;

      1. all of the tutorials or documentations are on the site.
      2. there are NO monthly fees. the membership is for 6 months.
      3. no ads required.
      4. this is a binary with spillover.
      5. you can earn a cycle commission with one sale on each team up to $3000 per day! there are also matching bonuses that you can get paid.
      6. you can withdrawal each business day monday through friday and it is processed the next business day.
      7. you can get paid via check, egopay, liberty reserve, OR in 1oz American Eagle Gold Coins (my favorite)

      here is my link to sign up;

  2. Thank you very much for your answer.
    When I try to join and to pay for 6 months it askes me for $150 and I have read that there is a promo before 12/31 at $100 instead of $150… Can you help me to save $50 Please ?

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