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Eric Dalius Joins Isagenix

Creating the Foundation

Eric J. Dalius has been a very active entrepreneur since the fall of 1988 while enrolled at Dickinson College and playing NCAA College Football. At Dickinson Mr. Dalius in his spare time would enroll, subscribe, and test just about any home based business opportunity that came his way. After transferring to Penn State Lehigh Valley (formerly Penn State Allentown) he then became a distributor with Nutrition Express Corporation, a nutritional company, utilizing the power of network marketing and remained active until his graduation in 1992 from Penn State in University Park with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. After a 2 year stint in corporate America with MCI Telecommunications, a Fortune 50 company at the time, and becoming the number one sales rep in his category out of a total of 35,000 employees Mr. Dalius resigned in 1994 to pursue his entrepreneur spirit on a full time basis. He has not looked back since.

Then in 1994 Mr. Dalius immediately recognized that the telecom industry was on fire. After joining the network marketing company that was featured on the NBC hit show Celebrity Apprentice, American Communications Network (ACN) as an independent representative Mr. Dalius saw an opportunity to capitalize on the success of the “Penny per minute” calling card promotion. Later Mr. Dalius became a top promoter for Telecom Solutions utilizing this promotion. Within his first 90 days he experienced a fast start with nearly 5000 customers signing up and generating over $500,000.00 in revenue. Due to supplier issues the company discontinued their operations. The lesson Mr. Dalius learned from this experience is that with a network marketing business model coupled with a hot promotion the company can experience exponential growth very quickly and you need to have suppliers that have the flexibility, experience, and adaptivity to handle a quick change in direction.

Throughout the rest of the 1990’s and early 2000’s Mr. Dalius marketed various different kinds of product and services generating well over $2,000,000.00 in combined revenues with both start up and established companies including Melaleuca, Vision Communications, New Generation Marketing, Nutrition For Life, US Marketing, LifeTronix, International Marketing Concepts, PrePaid Legal, Cellphone Marketing, PriceNetUSA, and Excel Telecommunications. During this time period Mr. Dalius fined tuned his entrepreneur skills in the network marketing arena.

Creating Success Stories

Then in 2002 after over a decade of “on the job” experiences behind him Mr. Dalius started to promote Gas Up USA that exploded onto the network marketing scene with a streamlined online membership coupled with an exciting and compelling promotion. Gas Up USA skyrocketed to success with nearly 75,000 customers in less than 6 months while generating nearly $10,000,000.00 in revenues. Mr. Dalius and his team of Independent representatives including top reps Joe Reid and Bev Drewery were paid over $7,000,000.00 combined in commissions and bonuses. This exponential growth occurred because the foundation of experience that was laid down many years prior coupled with the right team of independent representatives. Mr. Dalius and Gas Up were featured in The Network Marketing Business Journal published by Dr. Keith Laggos, a 30 year MLM veteran as an up and coming MLM powerhouse. Additionally, Mr. Dalius had the opportunity to work directly with industry renowned legal authorities Gerald Nehra, Jeffrey Babener, and D. Jack Smith along with Mike Sheffield of Sheffield Consulting, a leading MLM consulting firm, Communications expert Clifton Jolley with Advent Communications, Strategic Marketing Planner and Professor Dr. Charles King at University of Illinois at Chicago, and software specialist and Ivy League graduate Jordan Goldman with RLJ Development. However, the company came to an abrupt halt due to the improvident freezing of funds by Patriot Bank. Although both Mr. Dalius and Gas Up USA won the legal battle against Patriot Bank and was later exonerated by the AG’s office it lost the magic of momentum and in a network marketing business momentum is everything. Lessons learned from this experience are many with the most paramount being a strong financial backing in place.

In 2004 Mr. Dalius decided to explore the red hot real estate market and quickly jumped on board touring the country with the Learning Annex Real Estate & Wealth Expos featuring Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. He started the CORE program which Mr. Dalius demonstrated how he took $30K and turned it into over $2,000,000.00 worth of real estate in less than 24 months. This was a hot concept that attracted investors from all over the country until the lending crisis started to take hold in 2007. This experience helped create multiple banking financial relationships. The lesson learned overall is that events can create excitement and excitement can create the magic of momentum.

In 2007 Mr. Dalius then moved onto the travel trend and started to promote My Travel Club USA. My Travel generated over 10,000 customers in less than 90 days and paid out over a $500,000.00 in commissions and bonuses utilizing a 2 level matrix compensation plan. However, because of the limitations of the 2 level matrix compensation plan the My Travel opportunity started to unfold and was later sold. The lesson learned here is to stick with a compensation plan that gives the opportunity to get paid on sales volume to infinity.

In 2008 Mr. Dalius identifying the rapidly rising gas prices and the acceptance of the U.S. government stimulus rebate checks started to promote U.S. Gas Rebates and possibly recapture some of the Gas Up USA magic. As the price of gas went up so did the membership base, however, as gas prices declined so did the membership base. This project generated over $1,000,000.00 in revenues and over $500,000.00 was paid out in commissions and bonuses to his team of independent reps. The main lesson learned here is to be aligned with an opportunity that has a product line that has not only had a steady growth record but also one that is forecasted to continue its growth curve well into the future.

In early 2009 Mr. Dalius recognized that the price of gold was heading in one direction……..up, up, and up!!! Realizing that there was an opportunity here he quickly jumped on board with Mozeena, a membership rewards affiliate program that had a focus on gold. One of the key components that Mr. Dalius brought to the table was the implementation of the YouTube Tours. Utilizing this Web 2.0 direction his organization grew very quickly to over 2300 reps and generated over $250,000.00 in commissions and bonuses to his team in just a little over 90 days. However, due to the fact that there were NO monthly sales requirement and/or monthly repeat sales Mr. Dalius and his team found themselves constantly in the recruiting stage versus the support stage and their ongoing commissions suffered. The lessons learned here is that although the YouTube Tour concept is very powerful the one time membership programs simply do NOT sustain LONG TERM RESIDUAL INCOME!

Creating Major Momentum

In late 2009 because of this continued growth curve concept focus coupled with the pursuit of a long term residual income opportunity Mr. Dalius had made the decision to join Isagenix. After a company visit Mr. Dalius with Jay Bennett, his friend, sponsor, and business associate since 1995 discovered 3 key elements that would make anyone very excited about this opportunity in addition to the longevity of the product line and the fast paying infinity compensation plan. These key elements include Synergy of the management team, Capitalization of the company to meet future growth objectives in today’s tight credit markets, and the most important of all….The Magic of Momentum. Isagenix has all of the ingredients for both short and long term financial success for this New Economy!

In summary, it is self evident that Mr. Dalius has “been there and done that” when it comes to orchestrating a network marketing business. However, the BEST IS YET TO COME as you never want to judge a person by how many times they fall down but most importantly how many times they get back up!!! And the faster, the better!!! With all of the experiences in tact to understand and anticipate how to maneuver in the ever changing network marketing business whether it is related to product, compensation, communication, or systems Mr. Dalius has the key to creating Major Momentum in any project!!!!

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