6 Reasons Many Songwriters and Artists Quit

The music industry is a tough business, and definitely not for everyone. Many artists and songwriters start out with high hopes and dreams of making it big, but the reality is that most never make it past the local music scene. According to a study, 64% of musicians are now thinking about leaving the music […]

The 6 Most Popular Web3 Music Companies You Should Know About

The music industry has always been a difficult one to break into. Artists have to spend years perfecting their craft and hope they’re lucky enough to be discovered by a record label. However, the industry is changing with the rise of web3 music companies. These companies are helping artists thrive by giving them more control […]

Using E-Learning to Support Music Education

In the past, if you wanted to learn to play an instrument, you had to leave after supper to make the trip to the teacher’s house for a lesson. On a chilly winter evening, it could be difficult and frustrating to drag out, especially for young kids. Then e-learning appeared and has developed steadily to […]

What is a Music Discovery Platform?

When listening to our favorite music, many forget just how amazing it can be to stray from our favorite genres and bands and discover new kinds of music. However, thanks to the internet, we’ll never run out of new music, bands, and albums to listen to every day. A music discovery platform can be exactly […]

What is the Difference Between Music and Poetry?

musical equipment

Music and poetry have been around for centuries, and there are many similarities between the two. Both music and poetry can be expressive, emotional, and creative. However, there are also some key differences between the two art forms. Poetry is Timeless One of the main differences between music and poetry is that poetry is timeless. […]

How to Manage Your Finances as a Struggling Artist

7 Steps to secure yourself financially As an Artist

When beginning a career in music, one of the main issues that many artists face is the ability to manage and maintain their finances. Indeed, with so much on their plate, balancing creative endeavors with money management can be difficult for many musicians. To avoid getting into a troubling situation and ending up broke, it […]

The Biggest Pain Points of Music Streaming Consumers

Pain Points of Music Streaming Consumers

Music streaming services are the culmination of decades of innovations in technology and the music industry. We have come a long way to be able to listen to any and all music at the touch of a button. However, there are still some negative sentiments about modern music streaming services. As with anything, there are […]

Eclectic Music Taste – A Boon or a Bane?

Eclectic Music Taste - A Boon or a Bane

Loving all genres of music can land you in a tight spot with most people, making it tough for them to categorize your musical taste. They may not understand how you can enjoy such a wide variety of music. Of course, this doesn’t mean you aren’t careful in picking your favorites or choices. It simply […]

Benefits of Listening to Jazz Music

Benefits of Listening to Jazz Music

Lifestyle adjustments like exercising, meditation, and changing diets can benefit our physical and mental health. However, did you know that listening to jazz music can also positively impact our physical and mental health? Benefits of Listening to Jazz Music 1.     Cognitive Benefits According to brain-music connection researchers at Johns Hopkins, few things stimulate our brains […]