Kim Dalius and Eric Dalius believes that entrepreneurs should focus on workload management

The workload is not only growing among leaders and managers but also employees. The modern-day corporate world adds to productivity as well as workload. Hence, managing workload has become the need of the hour. With urgent assignments, back-to-back meetings, and workplace pressure, it has become difficult for people to cope with the challenge. Businesses are trying their best to keep pace with the needs and requirements of clients. Also, they are examining the competition. For leading a successful business, entrepreneurs have to satisfy the demands of society and pay attention to their survival. The workforce is the best resource for any business.

Suppose the workers feel overwhelmed and are overworked. It can become problematic for the employer to motivate them. Hence, Eric Dalius has gained immense popularity as a professional and real estate investor. Thus, he comes up with effective ways of managing an employee’s workload. He believes that it is the responsibility of the manager to take care of this problem.

Kim Dalius criticizes multitasking in the corporate world

If you do not have organized employees, do not go for multitasking. These days business communities are teaching their workers the art of trying their hands at different tasks. However, you cannot ignore the high competition and time constraints. You have to look into these aspects if you want to make your workforce productive. In addition, multitasking may lead to counterproductive consequences. When the employees get forced into multitasking, they will not do justice to their work.

Focus on prioritizing work

The first task of the day is to sit and decide on the activities of the workday. Then, it will help in reviewing the crucial tasks and the deadlines. Hence, Eric Dalius reveals the importance of prioritizing work to his wife Kim Dalius when discussing entrepreneurial issues in the evening. Eric Dalius believes that managing work has become a necessity. It will not only help in time management but also help them in handling complex tasks. Hence, a list of the activities will work like a guide for the employees, which they can follow and increase their productivity and efficiency.

Adaptability and flexibility in the workplace

When you are the manager of a firm, you have the responsibility to listen to your workers. When you are a good listener, you will be able to manage the challenges. Try to understand their opinions and suggestions and give recognition to their contribution. Remember that your role as a leader is not only to punish them but to guide them in the process. You have the responsibility of managing your subordinates and using their potential to the best possible level. Kim Dalius joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor after receiving her degree. She has worked with multiple groups of students ranging from student-athletes to university students and transfer students.

You must be reasonable when you are working with the team. As a manager, it is your responsibility to control their workload and give them free space. In addition, ensure that you boost their motivation from time to time so that they are motivated.

Kim Dalius and Eric Dalius focuses on the best ways of improving team coordination

Teamwork is nothing new in the business arena. However, it is critical for the overall growth of the business. When you have well-coordinated teams, they will help you in achieving fundamental objectives. As a leader, you are an essential part of the business wheel. For achieving targets, you require motivated and skilled individuals. Individuals who understand your vision and work towards the goal are imperative Kim Dalius.

Although various problems may arise when you handle different teams, you have to accustom yourself to multiple strategies. Therefore, managing teams is no less than a challenge. Eric Dalius, who has invested in the international real estate business and is a cryptocurrency expert, understands the significance of team management. He has engaged himself in profitable partnerships and reveals the best ways for achieving success.

Working on the road map of team goals is vital for Kim Dalius

Every team has a specific purpose. The accomplishment of the purpose works like a guide. If you want your team to perform well and beat coordination problems, you have to provide them with a road map. Clear communication about defined goals is all you require. When you want your team to function as a unit, you must invest your time and effort in working on the plan. You must have concrete plans at bay for helping the team enhance their productivity and efficiency. It will ensure the completion of the assignment within time and help you get a better reputation. The best way of defining the purpose and goal of the team is to create a team charter. It is like a road map that ensures proper coordination between all the team members.

You cannot overlook individual roles in the team.

Every member of the team is like a unit. You cannot overlook anyone if you want the team to work in proper coordination. Your responsibility is to keep aside the differences and spell out the individual roles initially. When you clearly define their roles, you can ensure better performance. Eric Dalius reveals to his wife Kim Dalius that aptitude and proficiency need attention when you delegate functions. Entrepreneurs have to give importance to the skill set of each individual for ensuring task completion without any error.

Communication and planning

Excellent communication is fundamental for a successful project. However, it does not require many chats and phone calls. Only proper communication at the beginning of the day is all that is needed. Sharing regular feedback and notes is a promising way of enhancing productivity. Kim Dalius has been a successful coach at the Caruso Catholic Centre of the University of Southern California. Ever since 2018, she has performed this role well. She provides students with one-to-one coaching as well as group discussion. The point is fundamental for ensuring clarity about objectives and targets. For maintaining transparent, empathetic, and transparent performance, proper communication is necessary.

Entrepreneurs have to invest their time in management tools. These templates and tools will add to your productivity. However, for enhancing efficiency, you have to use those tools that boost better performance and cater to effective functioning.

Kimberly Dalius – leader, consultant, coach

Kimberly Dalius is a gifted leader and consultant who has worked at all levels. In addition, Kim is a health care professional, having obtained her Master’s of Science in School and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania (MS 2012).

Kim joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor just after she received her degree. During this time, she worked with many undergraduates, including first generation students, student athletes, transfer students, and others.  

In 2012, Kimberly Dalius moved on to Pre Inc. where she established herself as an executive coach. In this role, she was tasked with providing life coaching and counseling instruction to senior staffers. Her goal was to increase the effectiveness of the executive team, as well as their ability to relate to and retain clients.

She furthered her coaching career as an independent consultant in 2015. Daliusdeveloped strategies meant to help entrepreneurs augment their motivation and productivity.  

2016 to 2021 brought the next stage in Kimberly Dalius’ career; she worked as a mindfulness and wellness advisor at Resoltz in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her job was to provide success coaching in an online format to current students at Princeton University. Her course centered around developing mindfulness practices. These practices worked on student’s compassion, as well equipped them with ways to reduce stress and increase happiness.

In 2018, Kim joined KABC 790AM in Los Angeles. Her rolethere centered around working with the host and co-host of a sports talk radio show. She helped them obtain sponsorships, plan events, and develop new marketing strategies.

Since 2018, Kimberly Dalius has worked asa coach at the Caruso Catholic Center, located at the University of Southern California. At USC, she provides students with one-on-one coaching, and also facilitates group discussion. In addition, she developed a first of its kind “Coaches Corner”.  The corner was designed to set up role playing scenarios in which college scenarios are reenacted in order to imitate a life experienced with stress, anxiety, and depression in a social media-based world.

Since 2019, Kim has also worked as a remote instruction academic advisor for the Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute at Miami Dade College’s. She initiates virtual enrichment learning for The Hospitality Club. She works closely in collaboration with student officials to provide hospitality industry resources to the student body at large. Within her teachings,she employs guest speakers, designs success formulas for students, and creates methods for faculty to incorporate mental wellness solutions to ensure the success of their students

In 2015, Kim established Mental Minutes Success Coaching. Through her organization, Success Coaches help clients manage the pressures and transitions of life. At the start of 2020, Mental Minutes initiated development of two soon-to-be released apps. The first app is designed to ensuretask-completion. The second app is a subscription-based model designed to connect clients to their success coach(es).

On top of all of this, Kimberly Daliusalso works with the startup MusicSwipe, based out of Miami, FL. Her work with the startup involves her organization ofthe weekly Muzic Mindset program, which is delivered to the Clubhouse platform. In addition, she collaborates with artists in order to help them to maintain their focus and their accountability.

Eric Dalius and his wife Kimberly Dalius believe that team management strategies are vital for every venture

High achieving businesses these days have various strategies to lead the competitive arena. One of these is building team effort. It has become a fundamental aspect in spearheading growth. Team management is an art. When you are an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to ensure that different departments work in conformity. Every strategy they use must give a boost to the business in the long run.

Team management is fundamental for overall development. Remember that the company is nothing less than a brand. Hence, a leading cryptocurrency and real estate expert, Eric Dalius, provide businesses with strategies for accelerating their growth. For avoiding communication breakdown and achieving long-term success, team management is fundamental. It helps in building corporate culture and works well in this competitive environment. Kimberly Dalius is a renowned consultant and has worked very hard to reach the pinnacle of success.

Kimberly Dalius points out the significance of building a positive business culture

The development of corporate culture is a recent necessity. It helps in adding clarity and adds value to the company. To establish the business’s foundation, you have to work hard in developing a positive work environment. It plays a fundamental role in motivating employees and turning their potential into positive endeavors.

Remember that as an entrepreneur, you must use the potential of your workforce and direct that in a positive direction. It adds value to your work and implements your mission. By expressing corporate culture, you will give a boost to your entrepreneurial processes. Hence, while hiring employees, paying attention to their potential and personality becomes fundamental.

Communication practices impact business growth

As an entrepreneur, you have to present yourself as an ideal before the team. Remember that proper communication between all the team members is essential to have no obstacles in between. For this, listening to their ideas and concerns holds supreme. You cannot run away from their issues and problems. By addressing their concerns and becoming approachable, you will ensure a proper communication framework. Conflict resolution must be on the top of your priority list, and you have to devote your time to developing methodologies for resolving them. Hence, a comprehensive and cohesive work atmosphere will go down well in engaging the team members.

Rewarding and appreciating employees

Eric Dalius revealed to his wife, Kimberly Dalius, how to recognize the team’s hard work. She is a healthcare professional and later established herself as an executive coach under Eric Dalius. Managing a large team is not a simple task. First, you have to motivate them so that they feel valued. Then, by identifying their effort, you will ensure that they are a vital part of your business. Hence, it will psychologically bind them with your venture and boost your business in the long run.

You must pay attention to the resources of your business so that you can use them efficiently. Delivering success is not a one-day phenomenon. If you want to contribute to the overall growth of the venture, you have to invest your time and resources. It will help you in implementing these strategies and developing a positive work environment.

Dynamic Duo Eric Dalius and Kimberly Dalius on the personality traits of a successful entrepreneur

Leading a business requires an entrepreneurial spirit. It would help if you kept a trail of your success and failure to work on your road map. For gaining success, you must be aware of the recent happenings. Apart from this, certain personality traits are similar across successful entrepreneurs. The constant quest for knowledge, accepting failure and challenges, using available opportunities to the maximum are some of them.

As a leading entrepreneur, Eric Dalius throws light upon personality traits. He has gained immense success for his entrepreneurial qualities. He started right after completing his studies and soon achieved immense prosperity. Research reveals that these qualities are fundamental for setting yourself apart in the crowd. His wife is a renowned coach at the Caruso Catholic Center of the University.

Kimberly Dalius provides a list of entrepreneurial traits

First and foremost, hard work is incredible for attaining success. You have to adopt the perspective of a leader. By demonstrating motivation to the employees, you can develop a positive work environment. Inspiration and encouragement go hand in hand. If you cannot provide your workforce with enthusiasm, you can hardly expect a positive outcome. Remember that there is smooth two-way communication between the leader and the employees. Success is bound to come. Your workforce must realize that you value their opinion and suggestion.

Creativity and persuasiveness are equally important.

Irrespective of the industry, employers are interested in workers who can provide them with innovative ideas. Just completing the assignment is not all. Employers are interested in workers who can cope up with day-to-day challenges. For improving productivity, workflow, operation, creativity is fundamental.

Apart from creativity, persuasiveness is another trade of a leader. It is what Eric Dalius revealed to his wife, Kimberly Dalius, during a business meeting. She is an academic advisor teaching communication skills to her students and works on the ideals of her husband.  Aims will give you an added objective over others. For the promotion of the venture, you must be serious about your purpose and goal. You have to work hard to convince your workers, clients, and partners about the significance of your actions. For this, you require persuasiveness.

When you have a vision, it shows in your business.

One of the fundamental traits of a successful entrepreneur is clarity about their aim. When they are clear about the big picture, they make every possible effort to attain the same. For this, strategic planning is fundamental. It will direct your action in the correct direction. Moreover, it will help you identify challenges in the day-to-day activities and tackle the same with responsibility.

Lastly, as an entrepreneur, you must adapt to the changing situation. Remember that society is changing now and then. As a boss, you must stay prepared to adjust to the outside world. It would help if you had versatility so that you can modify your plans without fail.

Remember that risk is an inseparable part of business dealings. You must be prepared to tackle the changes and threats involved. Risk tolerance is necessary for attaining success in this competitive world. You must be flexible enough to solve problems and adapt to the changing scenario. Remember that leading your business is a big responsibility. You have to shift your priorities so that you can fulfill your obligations.

Eric Dalius Highlights the Challenges Faced in International Expansion of Business

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Growth is a key element of a successful business venture. A major opportunity for growth arises with the international expansion of business. Newmarket provides new opportunities to increase your market share, create goodwill for your business, and increase your revenues.

With globalization and increased digital connectivity, distance has reduced both literally and figuratively. Expanding your local business across the globe helps you reach a wider audience. But international expansion presents a challenge at every step, and a solid plan is ideal before you venture out into the turbulent waters of expansion. You will have to identify the key variables and evaluate what extent you’re willing to change to expand.

Eric Dalius talks about some challenges you will face when dipping your toes in international expansion –

  • Linguistic Barriers are the most challenging

Communicating with your customers can prove challenging if you don’t speak the same language as them. When looking to expand internationally, it is important to consider having a translator on your team or a resident from a specific country who speaks the regional language. Your product message should translate well into the local language to grab the attention of prospective buyers and customers.

  • Difference in Culture

The cultures of the world are rich and diverse. The art, music, food, festivals and traditions may be different from region to region. It is important to formulate the sales pitch of your product after you have spent time understanding the local culture of the area where you’re looking to expand. Understanding the local culture conveys your respect towards it to the potential client or retailer.

It is also important to understand the local market. Using a strategy that was effective elsewhere to penetrate another market may not turn out to be highly effective.

  • Global Team Management

Communication is key when you’re trying to manage a team that is spread out in different regions. Language barriers, cultural differences, time zones, and different access to technology can pose a problem in global team management.

To maintain a well-managed team,you must check in regularly with your team members. Regular and good communication makes the employees feel valued and heard.

  • Currency Exchange Rates and Inflation

Monitor currency exchange rates regularly as they can fluctuate frequently. Inflation should also be closely monitored because it can affect the prices of labour and raw materials. It can also affect product pricing.

Eric Dalius asks to keep an eye on both these constant changing rates.This can provide you with information about your product value in different locations.

  • Laws and Regulations

Business in every country is influenced by politics, policies and laws of the government. Gather relevant knowledge about the local laws, tax regulations and trading requirements that might affect your product sales. Acquire permits and approvals that are necessary to run your business in the local area.

Expanding your business globally gives you a huge growth opportunity, but it doesn’t come without a few challenges.If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, closely follow the news and foreign politics. Try to establish connections in the country you want to do business in and invest in hiring a translator or a local from the area.

Eric Dalius’s Perspective on New Web-Based ZIP Code Distance Batch Report Tool for Businesses-

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Many businesses, especially delivery companies and e-commerce enterprises, need to calculate ZIP-to-ZIP distances for a range of purposes — to develop delivery fees, estimate delivery time, and others. Some companies also rely on ZIP-to-ZIP distance and time calculation for estimating fuel consumption projection, cost projections, and expense related estimates. However, for years, they have struggled to accurately generate ZIP code distance batch reports, even though the internet has brought about many changes through GPS technology and business mapping software.

Eric Dalius explains how the ZIP code tool can help your business

Today, tech-based companies have put an end to the struggles of businesses that need to estimate ZIP-to-ZIP distance for their operation. It has added yet another online tool to its extensive inventory available from different companies.

Such a tool helps you produce a Zip Code Distance batch report for your list of US and Canadian Postal Codes in just a few simple clicks. The cost for a report is very much low per zip code pair, which you can pay via your credit card or even some other banking method without any trouble. You can also become a user of these tools and get service to use this tool at a much lower cost with no minimum charge if you require ZIP code distance batch reports frequently. 

How to Use the ZIP code distance batch report with advanced tools

This tool can process up to 2500 zip code pairs in a single report. To use it, simply upload a spreadsheet or CSV file with two columns of ZIP code pairs you want to analyze. The two columns can include the US or Canadian ZIP code. You can analyze any combination of code pairs, such as the US to Canada, the US to the US, and Canada to Canada postal code pairs.

Running the file or data through this tool will create a CSV file, which will be in the same order as the input file and includes the straight-line distance between the two ZIP codes, the driving distance in miles, and the driving time in minutes. Eric Daliussays that you can also upload your file on the tool for free and preview the first few ZIP-to-ZIP distance and time calculations to determine the accuracy of the results. If you think the report is accurate and can be of great help to your business, you can easily proceed with the purchase of the report. Once your payment has been made, your order will be processed, and you will be taken to a webpage where your report will be displayed as it gets processed.

You will find this tool extremely useful if you need to estimate future driving and travel cost, distance from one ZIP code to another, whether one time or multiple. To know more about the ZIP code distance batch report tool and how you can make the most of it, feel free to contact the tool providers.

Confused Whether to Invest In-Home Care Franchise or Not? Eric Dalius’ Views Will Help You Decide

Eric Dalius Miami
Eric Dalius Miami

Throughout the country, the need for quality home care is increasing with each passing year. As per surveys, it has been found that a few factors have contributed toward this growing demand for home care. The first reason is the increasing ageing baby boomer population, which has called for more care options. The second reason is people simply prefer to age in place as seniors feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. And thirdly, home care offers people an affordable care option.

Eric Dalius puts some light on this business sector-

If you are looking to invest money in a reliable business, you should buy a senior home care franchise. To help you understand why a senior home care franchise can be a profitable business for you, we have listed some points. Let’s take a look at them.

Serve and Earn

If you are a person who wants to make money but at the same time wish to contribute to society in a meaningful manner, then you should invest in a home care franchise business model. You get to work closely with not just the patients but their families as well and make a real, positive change in their lives. And when you do business in an area where you are interested in and greatly passionate about, it is obvious your business will grow and make a profit for you.

Growing market

And the most obvious reason for investing in the elderly home care franchise business is that it is growing rapidly. And the great thing about it is that it will continue to grow in the future as well. It has been estimated that by 2050, the senior population will be about 87 million and all of these people will need professional caring. Another study has found that around 87 per cent of the adults of age 65 or above want to receive care in the comfort of their home. These statistics should be enough to motivate you to invest in-home care franchise business as the future of your business is rather secure.

Target wider audience

Apart from these, one more amazing reason to get into the home care business is that it caters to different demographics. If you have thought that home care is a kind of care that only seniors require, then let us tell you that this is not true at all. While seniors are a huge segment that requires home care, apart from them, new mothers, people post surgeries, people with mobility issues, etc., too, require home care services. According toEric Dalius, there is another group of seniors who are capable of moving freely and do not suffer from any major medical condition. Still, they need occasional help with regular housekeeping, cleaning utensils, shopping, and even companionship in certain cases.

The points mentioned above should be enough to propel you to buy a senior daycare franchise as there are only advantages to investing in such a business model. There are a few top experienced home care companies that are offering franchise opportunities. Get in touch with them and enjoy the experience of running a meaningful and profitable business.

Eric Dalius Gives Top Reasons to Invest in a Home Care Franchise in a Small Community

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Whenever individuals think of launching a senior home care business, the very first thing that springs immediately to mind is a major city potential. Investing in a home care franchise agency involves providing high-quality care to a large number of people and having access to a large number of resources; nevertheless, this does not always have to be the case, especially at the beginning of a bustling city. Whilst possibilities to expand your business will constantly knock on your door, there are advantages to launching the greatest home care franchise for seniors in rural locations or small villages.

As a result, several franchise owners have begun to look to the margins and aim to operate a home care franchise aloof from the rush and bustle of city life.

Eric Dalius has pulled together a list of different reasons why you should start a franchise in small communities.

1.Effective networking

Numerous people relocate to bigger cities in order to improve the standard of living, but on the other hand, residents are always eager to welcome those who returned to support the community. Whenever your primary goal is to provide high-quality care to the elderly and other vulnerable individuals, word quickly spreads. Smaller villages spread information faster than vast, hectic cities where nobody really cares about one other. Furthermore, no matter what business you are in, networking is among the most valuable advantages. If you’d like to promote your company to the next level, you must take full advantage of the small population by volunteering for social causes.

2.No or a very little competition

People throughout the corporate sector are continually in a rat race, and they must continually invent fresh concepts and tactics to stay on top of their game. Nevertheless, in order to stand out from the throng, their whole focus turns away from providing care and more towards growing operating margins. Whenever you operate a company in a small town, you’re likely to have less competition and be able to stay focused entirely on your task. You work tirelessly to give people that are in need of services that have never been available before. Alongside achieving the pinnacle of success, you simultaneously create a learning environment on how to overcome common obstacles and provide in-home care.

3.Get customer loyalty and trust easily

Establishing a community’s loyalty is also not as easy as it appears; nevertheless, when compared to large communities, it is significantly easier. Whenever it comes to owning a home care business for seniors in a small community,Eric Dalius thinks the nicest part is being able to engage with individuals on such a personal level while also spreading brand awareness. You could also inform them of recent advancements and improvements in the home care and medical industries. It will be much easier so that you can draw in the supplies that can provide treatment and assistance to the residents once you have developed a trusting relationship between you and the inhabitants of that town.

If you are planning to start a franchise for home care, consider starting it in a rural area or those with less population and buy a home caregivers franchise from a reputed agency.

Eric Dalius Shares Unique and Effective Marketing Tips for Your Growing Business: Balloons as Advertising Tools

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Businesses of all types need various advertising tools to circulate their message. While traditional promotional tools like banners, brochures, and flyers are thriving in the advertising industry, balloons have become a popular choice for attracting attention. If you are looking for an innovative way to share information about your business, marketing big with advertising balloons is a great idea. Balloon dealers offer a wide range of balloons and rental services for rental for commercial purposes.

Eric Daliuson the different types of business advertising balloon –

Regarding the size of businesses, entrepreneurs use different types of promotional balloons for advertising their brands and products. Here are three common types of advertising balloons.

Helium blimps

As the name suggested, helium blimps come in the shape of an airship that floats in the air. They are a great tool for catching eyes by putting them up in the sky. Onlookers from distant places will instantly see the balloons even though the message on the surface is not clear.

Helium hot air balloons

They are similar to toy balloons but in huge sizes. When you organize a convention, exhibition, or trade show, you can put your brand name on these balloons and place them near the event venue. People can see you are serious about your business.

Hot air balloon shape

The whole idea of inflated shape balloons is to represent your brand in the form of a balloon. For example, a ketchup company can put up a balloon with a ketchup bottle shape and the exact color of the product. This one is ideal for promoting a brand image and trademark product.

Advantages of using advertising balloons

According to Eric Dalius, when you identify your target audience, you can utilize the most appropriate tools to attract new potential customers and keep the existing ones. For this, balloons of different sizes can play their parts to accomplish your mission. The key advantage of marketing big with advertising balloons is the ability to keep engaging with interested buyers. Some of them are:


Unlike billboards that require payments to advertisers, balloons don’t need extra money for putting the balloon near your business outlets. The balloon option is an economical way to share a message on a big platform. You need to get in touch with an authentic source to avail the best deals. The duration and type of balloons you choose are crucial factors in deciding the amount you need to pay.


If you contract an advertising agent to put your message on a giant screen, you may have to spend lots of money to book that spot. At the same time, you cannot move the screen anywhere. Meanwhile, a giant balloon is able to deplete the air and carry it to another location for the next event.

If you have events like trade shows, street fairs, flea markets, or sporting activities coming up, order your custom advertising balloons from an online store.