Eric J Dalius Suggests Pricing Plan to Build Sustainable Businesses

To build a financially stable business, an entrepreneur has to put in lots of effort on different fronts. Apart from the strategies and also the portfolio, capital also plays a significant role in securing business. In today’s era, an entrepreneur has to keep updated regarding all the current ongoing trends. Evaluating these trends gives clarity about the outcome and also the forecast of the business in the coming years.

EJ Dalius Gives Out a Pool of Knowledge Regarding Finances

Entrepreneurs at all levels are always inspiring platforms, where new buds can gain useful tips for scaling businesses. Even though the current pandemic gave a blow to the economies in many states, the internet has acted as a significant distribution channel for small and also mid-sized enterprises. In light of this, several renowned entrepreneurs, including Eric Dalius, act as motivational points for new entrants and business owners of small businesses.

Planned Execution of the B-Plan

The creation of a business plan with perfect and also optimum outcomes and also sales efforts is good-to-go. A flawless pricing plan is impractical. Investors and financiers expect realistic assumptions before lending money. Nevertheless, the loophole lies in the execution of the plan. A pricing plan which is not executed well will lead to negative revenues.

Factors affecting the business at any point in time are uncertain. Therefore, a certain degree of uncertainty is evident in a pricing plan. If there is a sudden change in the regulatory framework, and your product gets recalled, you should have a back-up plan. The key is to react practically to every situation and not invest in hasty decisions that can forever ruin the business idea. 

Sales Lead Going Ga-Ga

No new entrant can capture your market share if you have a robust sales strategy. A successful sales team with an excellent set of communications skills is a mandate. With the little capital you have, you can use the free of cost-effective modes of sales to generate maximum leads and also capture a large pool of target audience.

Some pointers you need to focus on developing positive sales relationships are regarding the unique selling proposition of your product, the correct target audience for your product or service, and also the development of inclination towards your product in terms of using the right marketing strategy. Your strategy should focus on creating value in your portfolio. As a result, your clients will have trust in your offerings and ready to pay the price you quote.

Overspending to Build a Fan Base

You should not overdeliver to build a stable fan base. Several sites can direct leads and also increase your lead count. However, such a strategy can generate customers for a short time, and also there will not be any employee retention. 

Apart from the above elements, there is one more which highlights the scaling process of a company. Scale up the business when you generate enough revenues for the future, not just because you have an ample amount of capital. Keep these pointers in mind; you will derive a strong price strategy, thus influencing your business growth.

How can an entrepreneur protect the business from copycat competitors – Insights by Eric J Dalius

It becomes challenging to stand out amidst competition in the financial market today. Your industry can have functional validation if you know how to handle big and also small players alike. You indeed have to keep an eye on the more prominent players because they can execute new ideas more professionally. People with a small business are also equally capable of posing a risk for you because they are more agile to keep up with the latest demands and also trends.

EJ Dalius harps on giving priority to customer support

In every financial business, you have to give priority to customer support. If you provide excellent customer support and also responsiveness to customers, it will make your commercial business stand out or become distinguished. Try to come up with new ideas to offer a top-notch customer-responsive system. To capture the market, you have to understand the demands of your customers. Then only you will be able to out-compete your competitors. Every financial business needs some focus on the human element to add a personal touch.

This way, you will be able to appear more appealing to your prospective customers and also consumers. Even a small scale business owner can make the business grow by instilling excellent customer support right from the beginning. The customer support you provide should be like that of a large scale industry that stands out in the market. 

Innovation is the key to success

As an entrepreneur, you have to understand that your firm’s long-term success depends on the ability to come up with new ideas. You need to keep your products and also financial services fresh to make it appealing to the consumers. Try to innovate as much as possible. Only when you identify new financial properties that come in the market, you will be able to survive in the vast sea of competition.

Innovation does not mean that you have to come up with disruptive ideas. You do not always have to change financial services; even bringing about small changes can help you secure a thriving spot in the marketplace.

Instead of redesigning the entire platform completely, you can consistently make incremental updates or add small incentives. It will also help customers to remain more glued. Thus your position in the financial market will bring in lucrative gains.

The quick buildup of financial strategies 

In every financial market, your best customers will also act as your most prominent defenders. If you can make customers who are mostly connected to your business, they are more likely to stay and defend your financial services and products in the market. They can do so by giving positive reviews on social media platforms. Eric Dalius believes it is indispensable to have apt team value, which goes under the development of your products and also financial services.

Your team should have a back story to showcase in the best possible manner to upheld customer values. Your holding in the financial market will become more authentic if you project your company’s values and also expertise through good teamwork.

Building up your brand around your financial enterprise is necessary to stay ahead in the competitive business market. Thus it becomes challenging to stand out in an already saturated market, but it becomes easy to come up with your unique financial perspective.

Financing tips for small businesses – The Eric Dalius way

It does get a bit tricky to get hold of funds and also financing options as a small business. However, several options are available to you now, even if you are a small to a modest business venture. But it is vital to keep in mind that before selecting an option, you need to perform your research with due diligence to choose the best financing option for your case. According to Eric J Dalius, the critical tip to remember is that a loan should never add to your financial burden.

Loans according to EJ Dalius

Applying and also getting a loan approved might prove to be easy or difficult according to your specific condition. However, you need to understand that qualifying for any financing option is strictly dependent on a few factors. Different loan types suit different scenarios, and only through thorough research, you can get the right one for your venture.

Business line of credit

Flexibility is the keyword when you are opting for the business line of credit. This allows you to finance anything between $100 to $500,000. You can avail of the case within a couple of weeks. You can also shop around to get the best rates, ranging from 8% to 20% and also upwards. The financing is usually for two years for maturity.

One significant advantage is that with a business line of credit, you do not need to take out the amount in one go and also use it to make multiple small payments for the entire duration of the loan. What are the factors required for you to qualify for a revolving business line of credit? A credit score of 560 and over, an annual income of $50,000 and above and a running business over a year old.

SBA loans

Government-run Small Business Administration or the SBA loans are the best way to assist any small to medium business venture. It usually provides with all the finding requirements alongside several advantages like easy applying and also quick acceptance. SBA loans can range from $50,000 to sums greater than $5,000,000. The terms usually cover a full period, often ranging from fifteen to twenty-five years. Consider the SBA loans as your friend if you need a quick bailout from financial difficulties.

Short term loans

Short-term loans are quite similar to the SBA loans, and also all you need is to fill up an application form to receive the loan amount within 24 hours. These loans are the quick fixes to emergency complications that require solutions within the hour. Short-term loans come in handy when you are trying to gain the upper hand in a situation or remedy unexpected expenditures. Keep in mind the criteria for application is also quite simple as a good credit score is enough.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic and also the ensuing economic recession, entrepreneurs and business ventures will require quick bailouts, and these options are the best among a plethora of others. So, choose wisely and keep up the good work.

Eric Dalius Talks about the Top Benefits of Food Delivery Business

Food delivery business, especially those operating online is gaining importance and making profits. That is the reason why business-minded people are choosing the same for revenues and reach. The Millennials love to order online food, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and so food delivery businesses are gaining ground in the last couple of years. You will find many of these ventures such as Uber Eats, Postmates, or for that matter Just Eats. Then, why not start your food business.

According to an article published on, there is an increasing demand for plant-based food because these and non-dairy options are generating significant change. Here is why a food delivery business is beneficial:

Eric J Dalius says that food business has varied options

When it comes to online menus, it provides food lovers with various food options and restaurants. The visuals of lip-smacking dishes appeal to your targeted audience and they feel motivated to order and savor tasty, delicious food. Food delivery apps show live cooking and calorie information that helps your customers to choose tasty, healthy meals.

Your customers have a plethora of options like Chinese, Italian, Thai, as well as several options for pizzas, burritos, pasta, soups, burgers, etc. It means more business opportunities for you when you have a food delivery venture. You need to target students, office-goers, and Millennials.


Foodies like online meal delivery because the business has its straightforwardness and precision. Your customers have the liberty to decide what food to order, when to order, and payment method. According to EJ Dalius, the food delivery business is convenient for your customers because they do not need to do grocery shopping, cook, or remember the ingredients of a dish.

The ease and convenience of ordering food online will help you attract more customers to help your business grow and earn revenues in a short time. Food delivery apps also let customers, book tables in their favorite restaurant and therefore, no waiting time.

Even if your customers want to order food late in the night, they can do so because the service is available round-the-clock. Again, during the festive season such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for that matter New Year, your food delivery business will boom due to increased demand.

Flexible payment methods and offers

When it comes to any food delivery app, they have different payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets, and of course cash on delivery. It means your customers can use any one of these payment modes to order food online. If they use wallets, they can reap the maximum benefits out of deals, offers, and discounts. It will boost your sales and drive app engagement.

When it comes to offers, 75 percent of Millennials use deals and offers when ordering food online. All love discounts, promo codes, which are beneficial for your business to boost sales as well as for customers to order food at a discounted price. It also helps to promote your restaurant.


Online food delivery is booming these days. Therefore, if you plan to start one, you will benefit, no doubt.

Eric Dalius Talks about the Three Best Financial Tips for Youngsters

As schools and colleges do not include personal finance as a subject, it leaves many students and youngsters in the lurch about how to deal with money, opting for credit, and to avoid debts. That is why schools or colleges must include the subject to help students save for emergencies and higher education.

According to an article published in, there are some lessons that all youngsters should learn about personal finance. These include knowing one’s credit score, avoiding bad loans, learning to live within one’s capacity, and things like that. Here are some of the best financial tips for youngsters:

  1. Eric J Dalius talks about managing your financial future

You need to learn to manage your money; else, people will take advantage of your situation. There are some dishonest, unscrupulous commission-based agents, who work for shoddy finance agencies and prey on youngsters. Others may not mean harm to you but give you poor counsel that lands you in a big financial soup at a tender age.

Therefore, avoid trusting others for counsel; take responsibility, and read up a couple of books on personal finance for youngsters. It will help. When you know how to invest and where to invest, no one can mislead you. Whether it is an unscrupulous financial planner gradually draining your bank account or someone inexperienced offering poor financial advice, you must stay away from such people. EJ Dalius believes that you should stay away from friends, who love to see you blow your money each weekend on them.

  1. Exercise self-control

Usually, parents teach this skill to their kids. Then, you should know that the more you exercise self-control to buy expensive stuff, the better it is for you to save more and keep your money in order. Then, you can buy products on credit, but it is wiser if you wait until you save enough to purchase an expensive gadget. There is no point in paying high credit card interest on some denim or a smartphone.

Avoid the habit of buying everything on credit even if you cannot afford to pay the dues on time. There are teens, who, keep paying for products they bought on credit for 5-7 years. Try to put aside some money every month for emergencies, even if the amount is small.

  1. Watch where you are spending the most

When you sit with your expense and income statement, which is your bank statement, you need to ensure that your expenditures do not cross your earnings. The best way to deal with this problem is through budgeting. If you find that you are spending extravagantly on movie tickets and refreshments at a plush theater every weekend, it is time to control your expenses. Keep these costs as low as possible. You can always go for movies, but the best ones, and not every Hollywood film that hits a theater near you.


Youngsters should start saving early so that they buy a plush apartment later in their life. That is a good investment. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

Eric Dalius on the Best Ways to Become an Accomplished, Dynamic Entrepreneur

When you have a business and manage it all, you enjoy a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and freedom. You see that you can create things and watch them expand and grow over time. You make your decisions, understand their innovative visions, and build long relationships with other business owners, sellers, customers, and suppliers.

According to an article published on, some qualities make a great entrepreneur. One of which is focusing on meeting consumer needs and adjusting the existing business model to fit varied markets. Here are some of the best tips to become a successful and dynamic entrepreneur:

Eric J Dalius asks to take challenges                                                                            

When you dream of becoming a successful business leader, you must take challenges head-on because no one will push you to do things or address your problems. It is your call. Challenges make entrepreneurs dexterous, and when you know how to take challenges, you are prepared all the time.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. When you hit the gym, you do pushups for a broad, masculine chest. As you increase the number of pushups, it feels tough initially, but as you ease into it, you have a firm, muscular physique. Then, will you stop because you feel tired? No, not at all! The same rule holds when you are managing your business.

When you take new and tough challenges, it will make your other tasks easier to handle just like the pushups you do at the gym. EJ Dalius recommends taking the next business challenge, a bigger one, to succeed.

Do not hesitate to take business risks

You know the saying that no risk, no gain. Accomplished entrepreneurs do not shy away from taking risks because it is their job. They know which risks are worth taking, and which not. Though taking business risks has a perilous side, but the opportunities that come with it often defeat the possible threats. It is the quality of dynamic entrepreneurs, who prove their mettle even in this age of stiff competition.

Love what you want to do

You have a business, but after a few days, you realize that you do not like what you are doing. It is a major cause of many businesses failing these days. It means that you should love what you do. If you do not, then unfollow that work or job. As a business leader, you are expected to work extended hours and make some sacrifices for your company. If all this irks you, you cannot become a successful business leader.

When you do not have a passion for your business, you will feel tired and stressed in a couple of months, if things do not work the way you have always wanted.

You will not see any successful entrepreneurs complaining about their job when not everything is favorable. They will have a sparkle in their eyes instead when talking about their business. Yes, that is enthusiasm and passion.


You cannot become a successful entrepreneur overnight because it takes time to build your company. You will need to create baby steps and decide long-term to make your business pop.

Eric Dalius on the Myths Related to Business Ethics

When we talk about business ethics, it is emphasizing on good values at the workplace or office. It ensures decent behavior, which is aligned with good, moral values. It’s called value management. Then, there are many myths surrounding business ethics and a couple of these fallacies arise from common bewilderment about the idea of business ethics. Again, some myths crop up from a basic or narrow perspective of ethical predicaments.

According to an article published on, good business ethics result in great business outcomes. Then, in a business, doing the correct things will lead to tragic results. Here are some of the myths surrounding business ethics:

Eric J Dalius dispels the myth that it’s meant for academicians and philosophers

Lack of leadership and participation among business leaders as well as managers made us believe that business ethics is a trend, nothing more than that. It has nothing to do with the daily activities of operating a business. Many believe that corporate values are an intricate theoretical argument that no one cares about in an organization.

The reality is that business ethics is a management discipline with some programmatic approach including realistic tools. When it comes to ethics management plans, they come with practical applications in other aspects of management.

Employees are always ethical and therefore one need not focus on ethics

The ethical dilemmas managers face in a company are extremely intricate. The industry experts mention that one comes to know when they have a considerable moral clash in the incidence of important value disagreements among varied interests. Again, the real options are partly acceptable and you will find huge consequences on the stakeholders in a specific scenario.

As per EJ Dalius, when the subject of business ethics crops up, individuals are eager to discuss the golden rules of business, courtesy, and integrity. However, when discussed with intricate moral dilemmas, most individuals understand that there is a huge gray zone when implementing ethical values.

Business ethics is about good people teaching bad people

Some people give an impression to assert an ethical high ground while grieving over the pathetic situation of a business and its managers. Then, these individuals understand that good people resort to bad things or actions, especially when they are perplexed and stressed. However, confusion and stress are not justifications for immoral actions in a company; these are reasons or causes instead.

Business ethics in an organization means helping one another to stay ethical as well as work through perplexing and demanding moral dilemmas.

A company has no legal issues and therefore, it is ethical

This is the greatest of all the myths. A business can do unethical things within the boundaries of the law, such as hiding details from superiors, keep complaining about others, fudging budgets, and things like that. Breaking legal guidelines starts with immoral behavior that no one noticed.

Final words

Dispel these myths related to business ethics so that it does not harm your organization at all. If you listen to something, first verify the authenticity of that information and then take action.

Eric Dalius on Best Money Apps for Couples

Managing your hard-earned money with your partner is one of the challenging aspects of any relationship. You would like to go for a vacation on a budget, but your spouse wants to spend extravagantly. Then, you would like to go for fine dining but your partner wants home-cooked food so that he can pay off his debts faster. Disagreement on these aspects leads to stress with your better half. This is where money apps for couples come into play.

According to an article published on, about 40 percent of US citizens fail to cover a sudden expense of $400, based on the findings of the Federal Reserve Board reports. Fortunately, these technology apps can help couples to manage their finances:

EJ Dalius talks about Grocery App

It is not possible to remember all the items you require for groceries. Moreover, monitoring and sharing of your family’s daily needs could be super stressful and exasperating. Forgetting things also have an impact on your budget because many studies indicate that when you do grocery shopping sans a list, you spend more on things you do not require.

The app can get rid of your shopping disappointment by letting all users in your family to synchronize and see one list of items that you need. Eric J Dalius suggests rather than taking a piece of paper and pen to write that you are running low on instant noodles, you can just note the same in this app, while your spouse can buy family packs of instant noodles at the departmental store near you. This way, there are no overlapping items, buying stuff that you do not need now, and things like that.


It is one of the apps to help couples co-manage finance so that they do not need to maintain multiple spreadsheets. The app will help couples to keep an eye on shared bills, view their accounts on a single platform, post comments on daily transactions, and create big financial goals.

The best feature of the app is its ability to let couples ascertain how much info they would like to share with their better half. The app helps couples to remain focused on their financial goals and not waste time in fights and arguments over trivial things.


It is a money-monitoring app for couples. All you need to do is enter the bank details and monitor your finances mutually and that too over different banks. You will receive an alert whenever your spouse makes any transaction, create a budget jointly, and work in collaboration to realize a common objective, all of this in the same app.

The app will help you to manage your finances jointly and save for future days. You will get to see the details of not just one bank but more of them if you have more than one account.


Although this is not a comprehensive list of money management apps for couples, the best ones are mentioned in this article. Use them with your partner to create a budget and live happily.

Eric Dalius Explains the Top Three Benefits of Personal Financial Planning

With personal financial planning, you know exactly where to spend your dollars, putting aside money for an emergency as well as saving for your retirement days. There are many benefits of financial planning. When you have sound planning, it means you are economically unbeaten compared to others. Then, you need to plan for vacations, home and car repair, kid’s school and higher education, and so on.

According to an article published on, for instance, when your mortgage or house rent eats away much of a take-home salary, you may feel that it is not possible to live paycheck through a paycheck. However, if you stick to personal financial planning or budget, it is possible to put aside some money for your savings account. Here are the three benefits of financial planning:

  1. Eric J Dalius believes financial planning helps you to stick to a budget

Once you realize the benefits of financial planning, you can budget easily, almost for all months. First things first, start with a spending plan so that you pay all your bills before the due date. This way, you will have no problem paying later when the saved cash goes into some black hole. If you postpone bill payments, there are chances you will waste that money on something that is not urgent.

When you repay debts, you are receiving a raise. EJ Dalius believes that if you do not understand how to live on a budget, take the assistance of a family member or friend, who would certainly help you.

  1. Financial planning helps you make wealth

Though it is an obvious thing to say, when you stick to a budget and save every month from your paycheck, you start growing your wealth. You can even invest the money. After all, money begets money. You will find it interesting when you learn to manage your income and save at the same time. If you have problems saving, you can use personal finance apps or tools to help you with a savings plan. These apps have smart algorithms to pull cash away from the checking account to your personal savings account.

The benefit of personal financial planning is not cash. It is the security, happiness, and peace of mind that comes when you have adequate savings in your bank.

  1. Helps you get out of loans

People who have a sound financial plan pay off their debts faster. There are instances of borrowers paying off a debt of $293,000 in just 5-6 years, which is only possible if you have a financial plan in place. For this, you need to create a monthly budget and reduce expenses. For example, if you used to spend $5,000 each month to pay your debts, reduce it to $2,085. Focus on these figures for a while. If you have a steady and decent paycheck, you can create a budget so that you become debt-free quickly.


Once you ease into the process of personal financial planning, you can make bill payments on time and pay off your debts faster than ever.

Eric Dalius Explains the Benefits of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs work extended hours to live a luxurious life, full of opulence and creature comforts. Though most people like the 9-5 schedule of office to home, some youngsters like to manage their business and be their boss. The reason is ambitious young men and women see the benefits of owning a company extremely rewarding.

According to an article published on, entrepreneurship is immensely important because their innovative ideas and revolutions may boost our standard of living. Besides generating wealth from their business ventures, they create employment as well as conditions for a prosperous community. Here are some of the top benefits of entrepreneurship:

Eric J Dalius thinks entrepreneurship builds a career aligning with values

Bringing into line your values and professional values is an extremely rewarding experience. For example, someone who is troubled by the rising unemployment issues would possibly start a business to create jobs for people, who are educated and skilled. Then, such people who think like that are fewer in our society.

A dynamic entrepreneur creates jobs. Entrepreneurship lets you build a life as well as a career that tunes with our core values such as helping unemployed youths, placing family first, saving our environment, and things like that.

Flexible schedule

Some people detest the office schedule too. It is that typical nine to five hour of being glued to computer screens. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you will break free of this cycle and work at your own pace. You can start your day with a cup of tea and then jogging, next start your business work from noon, take a break in the afternoon, and do some entrepreneurial job in the evening, and head for home for a good night’s sleep.

EJ Dalius knows other business leaders, who start the day late and work late in the night. In simple words, entrepreneurship is about flexibility.

The power to schedule is not just freedom but also healthy. Based on the findings of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a result-oriented business setting, where more emphasis is on outcomes and not the number of hours worked, translate to enhanced physical and mental wellbeing for business leaders.

Meeting people who think alike

When you own a business and manage it successfully, you meet a group of professionals and ambitious individuals who share your vision, bettering themselves and making the world a better place to live in too. These associations will make you a better person and motivate you to do things differently to make a real difference to your company, employees, and the community as a whole.

With entrepreneurship, come many opportunities to connect with like-minded people, mentors, and fellow business leaders so that you can brainstorm ideas and find solutions to problems. You will also learn to reach out amid challenging business times. It is important to note that no one can succeed alone. When you have a supportive network of like-minded people, entrepreneurs excel.


You see that entrepreneurship has benefits to make you a professional, a leader, a better individual to make a difference to your company and people.