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Build a Successful Business by Becoming a Licensed Professional Coach

Build a Successful Business by Becoming a Licensed Professional Coach

If you seek a fulfilling career, becoming a professional coach may be the perfect option for you. In this article, we will overview not only the process of becoming a professional coach, but also how to build a coaching practice from “scratch”.

Making the decision to become a professional coach begins with an understanding of the goal, which is helping individuals create actionable plans that unlocks their true potential and attain personal or professional success.  The aspiring coach should take stock of their own talents, and understand that empathy, compassion, humor, and creativity are essential to finding success in the professional coaching arena.


Once an aspiring coach fully understands the challenge, the next step is understanding what it takes to become licensed and certified.  The process begins with completing coursework in coaching-related content areas such as human development theory, communication skills training and leadership development. During these courses, students listen to lectures given by experts on topics related to personal growth and may have interactive activities where techniques are practiced.

Upon coursework completion, the next step is the examination process.  Here, a person’s knowledge and proficiency in coaching are tested. The International Coach Federation (ICF), which offers these tests, covers topics such as the principles of coaching, as well as ethical issues related to working with clients.

Prior to becoming certified, the final component involves gaining practical experience.  This requirement involves working with actual clients under the supervision of experienced coaches or mentors who guide soon to be coaches through the various difficulties they may face while obtaining certification status. Organizations such as the American Institute of Professional Coaches (AIPC) offer various opportunities for aspiring coaches to log hours while working with clients in order to build confidence and hone skill sets.

Once these three elements are successfully completed, certification eligibility is complete and it’s time to become a Professional Coach!

The Next Step:

Now that you have been licensed to provide Professional Coaching services, the next step is to build a successful coaching practice.

The first step in your journey is understanding your market. Before launching your coaching business, you should assess who your target demographic is, and where they congregate online. Doing research to identify popular topics related to your niche and creating content around those ideas for social media, blogs, podcasts etc. – this will help you build credibility within your community as well as source potential clients interested in retaining a Professional Coach.

Once your target has been determined, it is time to create your brand. This includes developing a business name, logo design, and other print materials (ie: brochures or flyers).  Additionally, registering a domain, launching a website, and building a social media presence are all a must.  Next up, it is time to determine the type of service you would like to offer.  Consider pricing structures for different packages (ie., one-time sessions vs longer term relationships) as well as terms & conditions for working with clients to make sure all parties maintain clear expectations prior to signing any/all agreements.

To ensure success when launching a coaching practice, it’s crucial to build awareness.  This means letting your target audience know who you are and what you do. Networking events and speaking engagements at industry conferences are amazing places to meet the right people. 

Prior to working with a client, it is important to create legal documents that clearly outline the services you intend to provide, as well as the payment terms you will be offering.   Additionally, it may be a good idea to register yourself with local authorities to make extra sure you are compliant on all matters of doing business from day one.

Successful professional coaches pay attention not only their client’s needs but also their own needs when establishing their businesses; taking time ahead of launch day makes long-term success far more attainable than just hoping that things work out.  That said, it is time to get started, so follow the steps above and begin building your perfect professional coaching practice today!

Wishing you the best of luck!!

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