A business continuity plan is as relevant for small businesses as it is for the bigger ones, explains Saivian Eric Dalius

The Covid19 pandemic caught almost everyone unaware, but small businesses had to bear the brunt of the fury of the novel coronavirus that damaged the small business sector immensely. The situation has been so alarming in 2020 that 43% of small businesses had to close shop primarily due to Covid19, as revealed in a PNAS survey, points out   Saivian Eric Dalius

Cash flow and resources were the worst casualties because the survey showed that most businesses covered by the study had only enough cash to run the show for two months and some even less.  The enterprises did not feel the pinch because of the deeper pockets.  Smaller businesses had always taken a long time to recover. During the 2008 meltdown, smaller businesses took 6 years to recover compared to 4 years taken by the larger companies and corporations.

 Although cash flow builds resilience that ensures fast recovery, a more critical factor that helps companies turn around faster is the business continuity plan and disaster recovery. These practices are often considered the prerogative of larger companies, but smaller businesses can also take advantage without straining their resources.

Saivian Eric Dalius explains Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery go hand in hand. The former is identifying the potential threats that a company might face and creating protocols to overcome the hurdles and keep the business running. Disaster recovery comprises a set of procedures and tools for restoring a business’s processes, systems, and vital information after a disaster. Although the tools and protocols for larger companies are different, it does not prevent small businesses from adopting the same practices but on a smaller scale. With the right plan, small businesses can reap the benefits of a business continuity plan like the bigger companies.

Benefits of business continuity plan highlighted by Saivian Eric Dalius

Minimal interruptions – The most visible benefit of having a business continuity plan is that it allows businesses to standardize the business response in the event of a disaster for reducing downtime and does away with the need to handle each event of crisis separately. Minimal downtime means more earning.

 Have a plan B – If a small business has to downs shutters, limit its capacity, or reduce its hours, there must be an alternative plan or Plan B. For example, suppose an eatery is closed for a month due to the Covid19 pandemic. In that case, it can stay in touch with its customers and keep them aware of their plans for reopening by ensuring customers’ safety, confirming Saivian Eric Dalius.

Employee empowerment – A business continuity plan ensures that employees have the same understanding about responding to a crisis in a disciplined manner without panic. Since there are set protocols, employees know well about the jobs to do, ensuring consistency and giving them peace of mind.

 Identifying the internal challenges is the first step towards drawing a business continuity plan. It might require reinforcing or adding resources to build resilience that exists in varying degrees within the business processes.  Relying on the latest systems and tools can make companies tackle crises more efficiently without any business interruptions.

Small business financing tips from Saivian Eric Dalius

Managing the finances for a small business is a Herculean effort. Business finances require organization, and a failure to implement the same will always lead to a downfall of the services and the overall quality.  Once you have devised plans to provide the best quality products and services, you also need to consider financial management.

According to the expert entrepreneur Saivian Eric Dalius, thousands of companies and firms go through their inaugurations every year, but only a handful of them survive. And, it is all due to financial mismanagement. So, alongside top-quality products and services, the financial management of your business is a critical function.

The economics of your business starts from the financing of the ideas that will build the enterprise. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, learning more about the different financing options available for a small business is critical.

The types of funding by Saivian Eric Dalius

Debt funding

This type of funding allows you to acquire loans to pay back the principal amount and the interest to the lender, government, financial institution, etc.

Equity funding

On the other hand, equity funding will allow you to run a business and even start from scratch, even if you do not have any prior experience with the various financial operations and processes.

Here are some more ways to manage your business funds.

Self-help is the best help, thinks Saivian Eric Dalius

It is a great way to boost your finance if you have additional money to spare for the capital investment. Remember that you should always look to invest in your business, as you have the most significant role within the team and the company. Remember that there is an upside to investing in your company; you get to cut yourself a paycheck just like your employees.

Capital development

Development capitalization always helps a business to grow. It is all the more critical for a small business to operate and prosper in absolute economic health. There is a need for the business owner to always look to the future and growth. Capitalization in development allows you to do just that. To thrive in a competitive environment, you need to employ skills and talent. It will highlight appreciation within the team, your investors, customers and boost your reputation.

There are several lines of credit

You should feel free to take loans. Yes, we do understand that loans can be intimidating, but the truth is at the end of the day, loans allow you to pay off debts and remunerations. Without loans, you risk severe downtime with frozen processes from inventory development, research, supplies, and promotion. Keep in mind that loans will increase the cash flow, which will allow you to pay off your debts.

When it comes to managing the finances for a small business, you need to remind yourself that you do not possess the economic clout of a multinational corporation or a brand. However, you can build a brand with tried and tested strategies. Take care!

The right business plan allows you to sell your idea – Saivian Eric Dalius

A business plan powers every business. It is the heart and the soul of every organization. The business plan is the launchpad for success and the topic of discussion with every potential investor and customer. A well-crafted business plan allows you to put down all your missions, vision, and goals for the future to guide your concern through all the ups and downs of the market. The first step to creating a solid business plan, according to Saivian Eric Dalius, is to lay down all your short and long-term objectives.

However, constructing a business plan is far more complicated than simply jotting down your hopes and aspirations along with a rough idea of an enterprise. In the following section, we present a few key factors that will allow you to devise a proper and genuine business plan to guide your organization into glory.

Learn about your audience – Saivian Eric Dalius

The trick to crafting a brand message is to understand your audience. Through your sales and marketing initiatives, you need to understand what is liked by the audience. It will allow you to understand concepts and development strategies for products with actual demand in the market. An essential step is to assume the buyer persona to understand the products and services that assure a more profound and meaningful connection with your brand.

A business plan should be assertive yet concise

According to Saivian Eric Dalius, the success of a business plan depends on the way you craft it. Meaningless plans, complicated explanations, overselling your ideas, and technical jargon are some of the critical elements you need to get rid of while preparing a professional business plan. Use the “gift of gab,” but make sure to be precise and confident. Your goal is to get your investors onboard and not confuse them.

Work out the facts and figures precisely and remember to put in the background work; it will come forth and dazzle your investors. A concise and clear business plan doesn’t mean you can gloss over the details about the processes. Developing a potent business strategy requires the use of correct and assertive data. So, you need to toe the fine line between detailed know-how and a data overload.

Your vision will require time to settle – Saivian Eric Dalius

Any clear business plan and message will make your audience reflect on the strategies. If you are looking for the true impact of the project, you need to give it time. To make sure your business plan has the necessary effect, you should describe all your objectives while connecting the executive summaries with the organization’s greater purpose, your true vision, and your goal. Crafting a mission statement is paramount, and this serves as the template on which you build a business. The mission statement justifies why your business exists and how it is different from the others.

That concludes our list of all the crucial factors you need to consider while crafting your business plan. Follow our guidelines for the best results. All the best!

Top 5 business considerations to make while starting a business – by Saivian Eric Dalius

When you start any business, there is a lot of point for considerations. It is important to read all the government policies and regulations. Any administration issue would call for huge damage in the future. Saivian Eric Dalius reminds you that hiring a professional to manage this is an intelligent choice.

Understand your tax responsibilities before you start any business and file the financial statements. Hire a professionally qualified accountant to manage all the finances. A skilled accountant would help with all the tax rules and regulations. It would eventually support minimizing the taxes and maximizing the deductions. 

Saivian Eric Dalius points the top 5 considerations for starting a business:

  1. The tax implications differ for every business. The type of registration is crucial to ascertain this. Limited Liability Company (LLC) tax implications on non-residents are different from an S-Corporation business owner. The LLC-type business has greater advantages as a ‘pass-through’ window allows the owners to avoid the tax implications on personal bank account and properties.
  2. Keep separate accounts for business and personal needs. Never confuse personal bank accounts with business accounts; however, many prefer to maintain one for start-ups. But it is strict NO-NO. Demarking the personal assets and liabilities from companies is crucial. Whether it is LLC, C-corporation, or S-Corporation, the division helps handle taxes, financial statements, and (in the worst case) claims during bankruptcy.
  3. Make the annual payments on time without any failure. Any fees or penalties that affect the company’s compliance are important. Do not avoid the federal law payments; maintain a schedule to release it on time. It would guarantee protection to assets and other tax problems.
  4. Be in sync with the county, state, and federal requirements. Every state and city has specific regulations and permits – keep detailed information of the same and abide. The last thing you want is any federal issues in your business. If this is overwhelming, then better hire a professional who provides and takes care of all the government hassles.
  5. Speak to a business lawyer because it gets complicated carrying successful business in the USA. Saivian Eric Dalius warns not to wait for any unfortunate incident to happen. Get hold of a professional at the start of the business to have smooth progress.

Whether you are starting a small food truck business or venturing into wholesale distribution of any product – all these concerns are important. Make the most of the things which are available free of charge. For example – spreading the market is a critical requirement of any successful business. Make use of social media networking. Connect with people on a real-time basis and shed back the old-school approach.

Saivian Eric Dalius encourages to exploit social media

You can start a Facebook page immediately on launching the business. Share the pictures of the latest products, get instant reactions (likes and comments), and start the storyboard. You can even explore Instagram and Twitter to have a better connection with the clients and potential clients. After all, business is not just documents and regulations; it’s fun on social media. Go for it!

Why Every Organization Must Use Professional Services of an Experienced Executive Coach Saivian Eric Dalius

It is pretty surprising to see that certain professionals in the business or corporate world cease to learn or grow when they get the position they have been working hard for years. When you reach the top brass, it is even more vital to keep learning and grow as a leader. Leaders who are willing to learn and grow will make good decisions and lead their teams toward success. That is where CEO executive coaching comes in. When CEOs seek assistance from experts, they become better at making critical decisions and develop a broader perspective.

 In this article, we will tell you why you should consider going for a coaching session with an expert.

Pointer to consider from Saivian Eric Dalius

We have listed down some points for this purpose, take a look at them

Every organization needs to make critical decisions. Those decisions can be about management, leadership, markets, and much more. When they need to make such vital decisions, companies often do not have an expert view at their disposal. They do not have an expert who can give them a genuine, unbiased, critical perspective on the changes that the company might face through those vital decisions. Here where executive coaching plays a huge role and helps you and your executives get a logical approach to every situation. Along with this, Saivian Eric Daliussays that executive coaching also helps the employees to have a work-life balance.

As we mentioned above, companies often stuck to their old ways of doing things in the corporate world. No one in the group can steer the organization in a new direction. An executive coach can help managers and leaders identify what their actual strengths are and where their weaknesses lie. By recognizing these essential aspects, companies begin to make the right decisions and focus on those areas that yield the maximum results.

Suppose you wish to increase your employees’ productivity and the retention rate? One of the best things that you can so is invest in hiring an executive coaching. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, all the big and successful companies are leveraging the power of executive coaching nowadays. Anyone can see the results and use the services for their companies.

Working hard does not always lead to better results. The managers and leaders of a company may be doing a lot of hard work but is that work ‘smart’? The aim should be to create a severe impact on the results of the company. As long as you can produce an effect, people can consider your hard work as brilliant. If not, then seeking assistance from an expert makes sense.

Final thoughts by Saivian Eric Dalius

If you have interest and are in need, you can get in touch with a professional business advisor or coach online. Some well-reputed coaches can help you lead your team or organization more efficiently. Find one online and seek their professional assistance to get the training that you require.

Saivian Eric Dalius ideas to venture into a profitable online business

If you are a creative thinker with loads of ideas, why not convert this lethal combination into business and monetize every bit. Some of the best business ideas initiate out of passion. With the social media on boom after pandemic and people switching to online (for everything), venturing into online business is the perfect instinct.

2021 ideas by Saivian Eric Dalius to start an online business

If you enjoy teaching and educating people, then online coaching is perfect. Start an online coaching platform by providing different courses at a reasonable price. Your expertise will fetch you hugely. Offer everything online, create webinars, workshops, community pages for students, and even social media. Podcast learning is another trending approach. You can even register with one of the existing online portals and start teaching.

Launch an E-commerce website to sell and provide services. Saivian Eric Dalius explains that with Covid hitting globally, most people are switching to online shopping. Create a webpage and start uploading the product images; give details about the product and put a price tag. Spread the word through social media and see the magic happen. You only arrange for the shipment, and if it’s local, you can tag with local courier services.

Online services to fix computers and other appliances. Your passion for machines can make you more than a handyman. Host a website and mention all the details of your technical know-how. You can fix minor laptop issues, get software installations, help people with computer glitches – many people are looking for such help. Mention per task basis charge to have a business outlook to it.

Contract Customer service is in tremendous demand. Bigger organizations are choosing for the outsourcing of customer services to avoid the hassle in regular business activities. Provide online customer service as a freelancer. You can offer this by creating a webpage of all the services with prices to crack and deal.

Show your talent by venturing into custom gifts online. There are several options for this, t-shirts, coffee mugs, cards, stickers, bags, and more. Start an online platform and tag it with all the relevant social media to get free marketing. The only challenge is getting the logistics. Saivian Eric Dalius suggests you can rope in with a local delivery service to get this sorted.

Saivian Eric Dalius says, ‘Make your passion your business.’

Photography is your passion, and you are great at capturing the finest moments of people – how about turning into a wedding photographer? Use your professional high-end camera and let it do the magic. You can become a wedding photographer who facilitates other events like graduation ceremonies, birthdays, and engagements.

Freelance writing is for those who have a flair for writing and understands the market requirements. Any website is content dependant. You can tie up with web developers and designers to grab some writing jobs. You can also venture into blogs and social media content. It also includes ghost-writing for celebrities. You could also try book writing by tagging with one of the prime book publishing houses.

Explore the online earning prospects with the support of Saivian Eric Dalius

Everything seems to fall apart when you lose a job with a big multinational company due to a pandemic. Do not dishearten and explore all the hidden talents you have. The smallest hobby like photography can fetch you an income-generating opportunity.

Saivian Eric Dalius lists the top 10 opportunities:

  1. If you love decorating spaces and hold a degree in interior designs, then it’s a win-win situation. Convert your talent of designing and decorating by creating an online space and providing constancy for the same. You must share your actual works online as; this fetches more clients.
  2. Driving could be just a skill or more than passion. If you have a decent car, you can register online with cab providing companies to get some extra money. The minimum requirement is a license and 4 door vehicle.
  3. Saivian Eric Dalius mentions that one of the oldest online business ideas was buying and selling domain names. Look out for trending domain names and mint extra money on making a deal for the same.
  4. Data Analyst is one profile that not many know but is high income generating. All the online business trends are dependent on data analytics. Understanding the market trend is high in demand. If you are good at crunching numbers and have decent exposure to the digital market, this is ideal.
  5. Convert your massive 5-bedroom home into Airbnb. Hotels and providing living space is a very lucrative business. Just post some nice pictures of the rooms and start by offering hospitality to guests. You can with let the entire apartment or portion of your big house. 
  6. When you love websites and can create a better one – why not turn this into an income-generating business. Web development is vast. From designing to development and getting the right content – get everything under one wing to kick-start.
  7. Turn into a virtual assistant by using your subject matter expertise and organizational skills. More and more corporators, freelancers, and celebrities demand virtual assistants. 
  8. Your passion for great health and wellness can help you turn it into a business opportunity. Personal training is something that not everyone can do. You can start a blog about your coaching skills and fitness tips to grab the market. Offer customized service to every client and create a niche for your services.
  9. Saivian Eric Dalius says that application development is the next thing. Everything online is an application dependant, and you can become an app developer by offering online service. You do not need excellent coding skills.
  10. If you are that person who is better at talking and connecting with people then, Podcast is your thing. Start a podcast platform and explore the world of orators who make money every minute. There are over 75% of online podcast listeners. A simple step to start is by getting suitable software and equipment. 

Saivian Eric Dalius suggests exploiting social media!

Yes! Create an exclusive Facebook page and post regularly. Follow influencers and celebrities to get instant feedback in the form of likes and comments. Social networking is the best PR exercise, and it’s free. Go for it!

Saivian Eric Dalius’s Big Reveal – 2022 Boom on social networking platforms for business

You have a laptop and a great internet connection – that’s all you need to start your own online business and get regular income. When you venture into online working, not all the time is your educational qualifications that support. Your passion and skill to prove something extraordinary is enough.

Saivian Eric Dalius suggests – explore the online options to turn a hobby into a full-time job:

Whenever you shop for any cosmetic or accessory, you look for reviews and previews. Many prefer sharing their personal experience on social media to spread the word. You can turn social media into an income-generating platform. Share your thoughts and ideas about any product and give genuine feedback. Saivian Eric Dalius’s advice is to post the testimonials regularly. It helps you connect to google ads, which would eventually pay your commission for every post.

Become an influencer on social media and charge for the same. You can use your fashion talent or cooking talent in the money-making business. Spread the word of your experience and knowledge online by posting videos, images, and vlogs. You can connect with top-notch brands and even celebrities to share the stories.

Generate income through affiliate marketing. You can explore the trending brand and create new affiliate programs for added promotion. It is an excellent commission-making business, and you can earn up to $25000 per month. Vlogging and blogging are just to being with. You have the largest space to pour your ideas into creating PR for all your clients.

Social media management is another great profile if you love being active all the time. Explore the know-how of social networking and ad network operations to start your own consulting business. Launch a YouTube channel and make money. Yes! You can post videos of cooking, artwork, exercising, entertainment, and much more to get regular income. With the demand on social media and live-streaming – YouTube is a powerhouse for great steady income. You can share storytelling for small kids, artwork (if you are great at crafts and art), or even a live stream of cooking. There is a massive demand for the video version of any learning.

Travel consulting is perfect if you do not like traveling and want to share your experience with others. Take pictures, do live streaming and share the genuine feedback of the restaurants, hotels, and destinations with others online.

Saivian Eric Dalius emphasizes connecting with real people!

Social media is not just one-way traffic. You must connect with your customers on a real-time basis. Gather their feedback and deliver better every time. The reaction is instant. With social media, you get instant likes and comments – make the most of it. Offer personalized services to every client and a potential client. It is a perfect way to increase the market.

Request your customers to share about you, and this would automatically generate more business. As Saivian Eric Dalius has rightly said that social media is like an ocean; the deeper you go, the more you can explore. Enjoy the online magic!

Are You Configuring Your Business Strategy Rightly During the Pandemic asks Saivian Eric Dalius!

When the pandemic first started and the entire world was in a transition mode, it was ascertained that it is a temporary setup that will settle down within a couple of months. But little did people realize that it was a far cry.

Working from home was accompanied by lay-offs, business closures, the businesses that had just started witnessed their operations coming to a screeching halt. However, Saivian Eric Dalius believes that almost 2 years have passed, and businesses have metamorphosed into states that helped them to survive the turmoil.

Strategic business moves during the pandemic

The businesses that have quickly migrated to their New Haven are still going strong. And for these very businesses, working upon or revamping their business and sales strategy paid off well. More about these reworked business strategies in the paragraphs that follow.

  1. Leverage physical environment maintaining protocols says Saivian Eric Dalius

With the pandemic, most of the businesses migrated to virtual marketing and sales campaigns. It has been difficult initially because not all customers are tech-savvy, and you might be having customers in various age groups.

Sale campaigns and marketing were done virtually through video conferencing and online bot chatswith the realization that this virtual mode of marketing will not end any time soon.

As such many companies have started looking for tools and software applications that will help them to widen their marketing horizon.

If you have a product that can be shipped physically, you can always ship a sample to your customers and then get feedback from them to find out whether they require more of it. Although, you do not get instant feedback from the client that would otherwise have been possible when you sell products in person, yet it pays off in the long run.

  • Try innovative methods to reach out and help customers says Saivian Eric Dalius

Video conferencing is just one of the innovative ways to reach out to your target audience. Aside from that, you can rope in subject matter experts that can answer queries for your clients virtually. You can arrange for an online meeting during which the expert can answer queries about any new product or service that you are planning to offer to your customers during the pandemic.

These days you will find many online portals implementing the concept of free spins. As a customer, if you hit the right number, you can win amazing gifts in form of hampers and presents that are usually shipped at the recipient’s address. These are incentives that can keep your online audience engaged and come back for more.

  • Marketing through emails

This has been an age-old method of tapping into the client base according to Saivian Eric Dalius. However, make your emails compassionate because this is the time when more than being spoken about the products, customers look for respite and motivation or encouragement that can keep them going during these difficult times.

So, for the moment, keeping your sales target secondary, it is more important to win the confidence and trust of your customers and connect with them at a level that will help them to cope up with the prevailing situation.

Promote Your Small Business Online – Saivian Eric Dalius Shares Easy Guidelines

Not everyone has ample cash to spend on their marketing activities. It’s more so during the initial start-up stages. However, that doesn’t indicate you don’t have any efficient steps to promote your business.

Before the digital boom, small businesses could count only a few tools to market their services and products by sponsoring small local events and printing out the fliers. According to Saivian Eric Dalius today, there are several online scopes that you can opt-in for. You simply need to search for tactics with which you can market your small business.

Ways to promote business online – Insights by Saivian Eric Dalius

Are you searching for ways to promote your business online? If yes, you could check out the following tactics suggested by Saivian Eric Dalius:

  1. Make the most of social media

The social media networking platform is not just a tool that will provide you exposure. Today, it has become an essential time investment for all businesses. You have the option to tie offers and ads to a Facebook page and get a direct channel with the customers on Twitter. You can use LinkedIn to network at a company and personal level as well. It might be another way that can assist your start-up.

  • You can create a blog

A blog will enable your business to get the name out via the followers, but it is also a way to connect with the customers directly. However, you should know and remember that one of the essential aspects of blogging is to ensure you update the stream as frequently as you can. If you have an abandoned blog, it will yield nothing.

  • Make use of the best local listing services – An essential tip by Saivian Eric Dalius

You should register your small business with Google Places as it enables others to find you better on Google Maps and Google searchers. The process is simple. You need to fill out a form and then register, and after that, ensure that your business gets verified via the confirmation process. You can get it done either through snail mail or a phone call. You can also opt-in for Yahoo! Local, which provides you with a vast database. At the same time, Bing also provides you with a similar service that you can opt-in for.

  • Place the multimedia on Flickr and YouTube

YouTube will offer you a free way to disseminate creative and promotional videos. But if you wish to be successful, you should place content that others want to see and that is relevant to the business. Just having an ad will not work. Also, when you have a Flickr profile, you can compile all images for your business and enable you to link it back to the website.

  • SEO for the company website

You can underestimate SEO in today’s world of endless Googling. You can choose an online learning guide about SEO and ensure that your website gets primed for performance on the search engine.

These are some of how Saivian Eric Dalius suggests promoting your small business online.