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Kim Dalius and Eric Dalius believes that entrepreneurs should focus on workload management

Kim Dalius

The workload is not only growing among leaders and managers but also employees. The modern-day corporate world adds to productivity as well as workload. Hence, managing workload has become the need of the hour. With urgent assignments, back-to-back meetings, and workplace pressure, it has become difficult for people to cope with the challenge. Businesses are trying their best to keep pace with the needs and requirements of clients. Also, they are examining the competition. For leading a successful business, entrepreneurs have to satisfy the demands of society and pay attention to their survival. The workforce is the best resource for any business.

Suppose the workers feel overwhelmed and are overworked. It can become problematic for the employer to motivate them. Hence, Eric Dalius has gained immense popularity as a professional and real estate investor. Thus, he comes up with effective ways of managing an employee’s workload. He believes that it is the responsibility of the manager to take care of this problem.

Kim Dalius criticizes multitasking in the corporate world

If you do not have organized employees, do not go for multitasking. These days business communities are teaching their workers the art of trying their hands at different tasks. However, you cannot ignore the high competition and time constraints. You have to look into these aspects if you want to make your workforce productive. In addition, multitasking may lead to counterproductive consequences. When the employees get forced into multitasking, they will not do justice to their work.

Focus on prioritizing work

The first task of the day is to sit and decide on the activities of the workday. Then, it will help in reviewing the crucial tasks and the deadlines. Hence, Eric Dalius reveals the importance of prioritizing work to his wife Kim Dalius when discussing entrepreneurial issues in the evening. Eric Dalius believes that managing work has become a necessity. It will not only help in time management but also help them in handling complex tasks. Hence, a list of the activities will work like a guide for the employees, which they can follow and increase their productivity and efficiency.

Adaptability and flexibility in the workplace

When you are the manager of a firm, you have the responsibility to listen to your workers. When you are a good listener, you will be able to manage the challenges. Try to understand their opinions and suggestions and give recognition to their contribution. Remember that your role as a leader is not only to punish them but to guide them in the process. You have the responsibility of managing your subordinates and using their potential to the best possible level. Kim Dalius joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor after receiving her degree. She has worked with multiple groups of students ranging from student-athletes to university students and transfer students.

You must be reasonable when you are working with the team. As a manager, it is your responsibility to control their workload and give them free space. In addition, ensure that you boost their motivation from time to time so that they are motivated.

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